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Rehabilitation Worker (Visual Impairment)

Apprenticeship ST043

Our Mission is to collaborate with sector partners and apprentices to design and deliver apprenticeship training that meets industry needs, our partner and apprentice expectations, is of the highest quality and is inspirational, enjoyable and motivating.

7 Guiding Principles

  1. Developing close working relationships with and listening to our partners and customers

  2. Listening to our apprentices and proactively meeting their needs

  3. Recruiting sector leading experts to inform course design and to deliver inspirational training sessions

  4. Promoting Continued Professional Development for all staff, our Partners and Apprentices

  5. Producing apprenticeship materials that excel in their use of English to explain complex ideas, are innovate, creative and delivered in formats that easily accessed by all

  6. Focus on supporting diversity and equality within the apprenticeships we deliver and in the wider community

  7. Rigorously reviewing the delivery, outcomes and quality of the apprenticeships we deliver

7 Expectations

We have extremely high expectations of achieving 100% in the following 7 areas

  1. Pass Rates

  2. End Point Assessment Achievement

  3. Course Content Relevance

  4. Apprentice Engagement and Compliance

  5. Apprentice Attendance Rates

  6. Time to Completion Rates

  7. Customer Satisfaction.


7 Key Performance Indicators

  1. Customer Relevance – matching our course content to the needs of employers

  2. Leadership – leading sector and apprenticeship expertise

  3. Engagement of People – consistent engagement in the sector with professionals, leaders and organisations

  4. Staff Expertise – recruiting industry experts and investing in the continued professional development of contractual and employed staff

  5. Continuous Improvement – implementing a Plan/Do/Act/Review process in which all elements of the apprenticeship programme is challenged to develop

  6. Evidence Based Decision Making – utilising industry research and evidence to underpin the development and decisions made by senior leaders and managers

  7. Quality Relationship Management – committing to building strong and collaborative relationships with employers, apprentices and key stake holders.


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